Fair Trade Your Supermarket: Action Kits

Order your Action Kit today!

Each Action Kit includes:

50 Postcards to send to the CEO
50 Comment Cards/Postcards to send to the manager
50 Thank You Postcards
50 Persuade (A Fair Trade Product Belongs Here) Shelf Cards
50 Praise (Choose Fair Trade) Shelf Cards
1 complimentary Guide to Fair Trade (normally $10)

Each Action Kit costs $5.00 to cover the cost of shipping and you can click here to order!

To support our Fair Trade Your Supermarket campaign and encourage the Fair Trade movement even more, give a $5.00 donation with your Action Kit order.

If you are hosting an event or need more cards than come in an Action Kit, we’ll give you a bulk rate! Send an e-mail to fairtrade@greenamericatoday.org to find out more information.

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