Fair Trade Your Supermarket: Resources to Take Action

1. Shelf Cards: Leave a message on the shelf every time you shop! Click here to download the shelf cards, then just print, cut and fold.

2. Send a Postcard to the store manager or drop a note in the comment box:  Download a postcard for the manager.

3. Take Action on Campus! Send this postcard to your University president, or leave it with the on-campus cafe owners.

4. Tweet! Every time you take a Fair Trade Your Supermarket action or buy a Fair Trade product let the world know by including #FairTradeYourSupermarket in a Tweet.

Example: “I joined the #FairTradeYourSupermarket campaign and told Tops in Rochester, NY I want more Fair Trade options!”

5.Let the Supermarkets know what you think!

6. What you can say! Click here for suggested Fair Trade Talking Points, and here for Fair Trade 101.

7. Thank stores for carrying Fair Trade! Click here to download a thank you postcard for stores that DO stock Fair Trade items.

8. Order an Action Kit! Click here to order an Action Kit with all the resources you need to Fair Trade Your Supermarket!

9. Want to know even more? Order Green America’s Guide to Fair Trade.

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