Fair Trade Your Supermarket: Send an email to your supermarket CEO!

Want to get involved locally? Copy and paste the following email to your supermarket CEO:


Dear *_____________*(Supermarket CEO): 

The Fair Trade movement is now a one billion dollar industry, and the Fair Trade movement is continually growing. As a community member, conscious consumer, and regular customer of *______________* (Insert the Supermarket Chain where you shop), I am very interested in seeing more Fair Trade products in your store, such as coffee, tea, chocolate, rice, wine, and bananas.

Fair Trade is a system of exchange that honors producers, communities, consumers, and the environment. In conventional trade, farmers in poor countries receive only pennies on the dollar for their products, whereas Fair Trade sets a minimum price to ensure that producers receive a fair price for their products–one that covers their cost of production and allows them to take care of their family. Fair Trade also helps to ensure that marginalized producers gain access to the global market with more direct trading relationships, and that the workers and the environment are protected with high labor and environmental standards.

A Fair Trade Certified™ label guarantees that food products were purchased according to Fair Trade’s ethical standards. For more information on how to purchase wholesale Fair Trade Certified™ products, visit www.transfairusa.org.

I ask that you help me and all your customers to support Fair Trade and producers in the developing world by providing Fair Trade choices in your supermarket. Thank you in advance for acting on this request.




Or, to send a letter, click here to find the address for YOUR supermarket’s headquarters.

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